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Adaras Calizo

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Grapes: Garnacha Tinta

ABV %: 13

Discover Adaras Calizo from Bodegas Almanseñas: A youthful red wine capturing the essence of the estate’s chalky terrain. Vibrant red with purple hints, it exudes floral aromas of rose petals and violet, mingled with sweet spices like cinnamon. On the palate, experience a gentle entrance followed by a sweet embrace, robust yet approachable tannins, and a lingering fruit-driven finish.

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Bodegas Almanseñas introduces a wine – Adaras Calizo – that encapsulates the essence of the estate’s chalky terrain, crafted to exhibit a more youthful, vibrant, and refreshing side. This early-drinking red is produced from organically farmed Garnacha Tintorera grapes.

The wine presents a vivid red hue adorned with hints of purple. Its aroma is a bouquet of fresh and floral red fruits, like the scent of rose petals and violet, intertwined with a medley of sweet and savory spices such as cinnamon and a hint of clove and pepper. Notes of sandalwood, bay leaf, and a touch of menthol add complexity to the scent. Upon tasting, the wine greets the palate gently before unveiling its full potential, swathing the senses in a sweet embrace. The tannins are robust yet approachable. A long and fruit-driven finale caps off the experience.

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Bodegas Almanseñas

Adaras Calizo
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