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Bosque de Matasnos

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Vintage: 2018

Grapes: Merlot, Tempranillo

ABV %: 15

The Bosque de Matasnos enchants with a deep ruby hue, offering a rich palate of dark berries, plum, and cherry, elegantly interwoven with spices, chocolate, and a hint of leather. Velvety tannins and lively acidity ensure a memorable finish.

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Unveil the Mystique of Bosque de Matasnos: A Masterpiece from Bodegas Bosque de Matasnos

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Spain’s esteemed winemaking tradition with the Bosque de Matasnos, a remarkable wine that stands as a testament to the dedication and innovation of Bodegas Bosque de Matasnos. Located at the cusp of the Ribera del Duero and Burgos, this winery is celebrated for its commitment to producing wines that reflect the unique terroir and microclimate of its vineyards, nestled in an enchanted forest at altitudes that challenge the limits of viticulture in the region.

The Bosque de Matasnos is meticulously crafted from a selection of the finest grapes, including Tempranillo and Merlot, which flourish in the cool, elevated climate, yielding a wine of unparalleled complexity and depth. This bold venture into high-altitude winemaking results in a wine that is not only a reflection of its rugged and beautiful landscape but also a beacon of innovation in Spanish viticulture.

Upon tasting, the Bosque de Matasnos reveals a harmonious blend of power and elegance. The palate is greeted with a robust yet refined structure, showcasing a rich tapestry of dark fruit flavors—blackberry, plum, and cherry—accented by a sophisticated array of spices, chocolate, and a hint of leather, derived from its aging in the finest French and American oak barrels. The finish is long and memorable, with velvety tannins and a vibrant acidity that invites another sip, promising an evolving experience with each glass.

Visually, the wine captivates with a deep, intense ruby color, signaling the richness and intensity that await. The aroma is equally compelling, offering a complex bouquet of ripe fruits, floral hints, and toasty oak nuances, making it a sensory delight from the first encounter.

The Bosque de Matasnos is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes, from hearty red meats and game to refined cheeses and complex vegetarian entrees. Its depth and complexity also make it a perfect wine for special occasions or to be savored on its own, offering a moment of contemplation and pleasure.

Experience the passion and artistry of Bodegas Bosque de Matasnos with the Bosque de Matasnos. This wine is not merely a beverage but a journey through the soul of Spanish winemaking, embodying the harmony between man, vine, and earth. Add it to your collection and let it transport you to the enchanting forests of Ribera del Duero, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle.

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Bosque De Matasnos



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Bodega Bosque De Matasnos

Bosque de Matasnos
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