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Cyclo Torremilano

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Vintage: 2016

Grapes: Tempranillo

ABV %: 15

Color :cherry red color with a bluish trim‎

Nose: ‎it is rich in aromas, has an elegant and spicy background. All the members are very well integrated and the balsamic ones are fine and refreshing.‎

Mouth: ‎the entrance is good, its tannin is moderate, it leaves a permanent flavor and the fruit that is felt is ripe.‎

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Cyclo Torremilanos: A Testament to Ribera del Duero’s Viticultural Excellence

Embark on a journey with Cyclo Torremilanos, a distinguished wine from the renowned Finca Torremilanos vineyards, known for its adherence to biodynamic and ecological farming practices. The 2019 vintage of Cyclo Torremilanos is a testament to the winery’s commitment to expressing the unique terroir of Ribera del Duero through meticulous vineyard selection and winemaking techniques.

This exquisite wine is primarily composed of 95% Tempranillo, complemented by 3% Garnacha and 2% Tempranillo Blanco, showcasing a harmonious blend of varietals that reflect the region’s viticultural heritage. The grapes are sourced from three of the winery’s oldest vineyards, each contributing to the wine’s complexity and depth. These vineyards are notable for their significant age, with vines over 90 years old, and their diverse soil compositions, ranging from pebble-covered surfaces to clay and sandy loams, situated at elevations up to 1010 meters. This diversity ensures a wine with a rich palette of aromas and flavors, rooted deeply in the land it comes from​​​​​​.

The winemaking process involves a careful selection of grapes, followed by a pre-fermentative maceration and fermentation in concrete vats using indigenous yeasts, which underscores the winery’s dedication to natural processes. Afterward, the wine matures in a combination of French, Eastern European, and American oak barrels for 22 months, with a final month of aging in a large concrete vat to harmonize its components. This extensive aging regimen imbues the wine with a nuanced complexity, balancing the vibrant fruitiness of Tempranillo with the subtle influences of oak​​​​.

Cyclo Torremilanos is characterized by its deep cherry red color, luminous ruby rim, and a bouquet rich in balsamic notes, ripe red fruits, and a hint of cedar. On the palate, it presents a robust tannic structure, with a delicate, sweet progression leading to a finish that evokes the aromatic spices of Mediterranean lands. Recommended to be served between 15º and 17ºC, this wine pairs beautifully with roasted meats, grilled dishes, stews, and legumes, making it a versatile companion for a variety of culinary experiences​​.

As a certified organic and biodynamic wine, Cyclo Torremilanos not only stands as a flagship offering from Finca Torremilanos but also as a symbol of sustainable viticulture in Ribera del Duero. Its creation, devoid of added sulfites and filtered only at bottling, represents a pure expression of the region’s winemaking potential, promising an engaging and memorable tasting experience for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike​​.

For those seeking to explore the pinnacle of Ribera del Duero’s wine offerings, Cyclo Torremilanos offers a deep dive into the heart of this esteemed wine region’s terroir and traditions.


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Finca Torremilanos

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