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Espiga Riwaka & Strata

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Introducing Espiga Riwaka & Strata, the latest addition to the DUAL HOPS collection. With its hazy golden appearance and creamy foam, it offers an aromatic journey bursting with passion fruit, currants, and strawberries. Balanced with citrus undertones, this IPA delivers a silky texture thanks to oat and wheat cereals. Perfect for the warm summer season.

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Espiga Riwaka & Strata is the seventh beer in the DUAL HOPS collection that we brewed this year. The IPAs in this collection have a cloudy appearance with kgs and kgs of hops.
This time, the hops selected have been the New Zealander riwaka, much in demand, for its attractive notes that combine passion fruit and grapes, and Strata, a very peculiar American hop for its notes of strawberries, currants, passion fruit, grapefruit. and herbal, which provide fresh notes ideal for this warm and summer season.

It has a hazy appearance, a deep golden color and a creamy white foam. In the aroma, there are intense notes of passion fruits, currants, strawberries and tropical fruits that rest on citrus notes, thus highlighting the notes of both hops in both the aroma and the flavor. Also after this balsamic and tropical journey in the mouth we appreciate the flavor of the oat and wheat cereals and the silky texture that they contribute to the body of this beer.

Maltes: Barley malt, oat flakes, wheat malt, oat malt and barley flakes.
Hops: Riwaka and Strata
Dryhopping: Riwaka and Strata

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Riwaka Strata
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