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Funky Fluid Gelato: White Guava, Banana & Nectarine

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A refreshing and creamy Sour Fruit Ice Cream Sour beer, featuring a delightful mix of white guava, bananas, and nectarines. Perfect for those who love a sweet, sour, and fruity flavor profile in their beer.

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Gelato: White Guava, Banana & Nectarine by Funky Fluid is a craft beer that stands as a testament to the brewery’s innovative approach to blending the art of brewing with the culinary delight of Italian ice cream. This Sour Fruit Ice Cream Sour beer is a masterful creation, brewed with an abundance of authentic fruits including white guava, bananas, and nectarines, offering a refreshing and unique taste experience. With a 5.5% alcohol content, this beer skillfully combines the sweetness and acidity of its ingredients, resulting in a beverage that is both invigorating and satisfying. The inclusion of barley malt, wheat malt, oatmeal, and wheat flakes contributes to its distinctive flavor, while lactose adds a slight sweetness and creamy texture, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Light, unfiltered, and pasteurized, this beer retains the full essence and aromatic profiles of its fruit components, making it an ideal choice for summer days, as a dessert alternative, or as a standout refreshment on any occasion.

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Gelato White Guava
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