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Funky Fluid My Cup of Tea

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Savor Funky Fluid’s My Cup of Tea IPA: a crisp, dry blend bursting with Citra, Bravo, Cashmere hops, and Earl Grey tea.

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Embark on a flavor adventure with Funky Fluid’s My Cup of Tea IPA, a refreshingly crisp brew that tantalizes the taste buds. Expertly hopped with a harmonious blend of Citra, Bravo, and Cashmere varieties, this IPA delivers a symphony of citrusy and herbal notes that dance across your palate with every sip. But what sets this brew apart is its unique twist: the addition of Earl Grey tea, infusing each sip with a subtle yet distinctive layer of floral and bergamot flavors. The result? A perfectly balanced fusion of hoppy goodness and aromatic tea that leaves you craving another sip. Whether you’re a hop aficionado seeking a new experience or a tea lover looking to broaden your horizons, My Cup of Tea IPA offers a delightful journey of flavors that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your beer game and discover the magic of this extraordinary brew from Funky Fluid.

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