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Funky Fluid Spash:White

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Splash:White tantalizes the taste buds with a burst of tropical goodness. This fruited Gose combines the tartness of classic Gose with the lush sweetness of white guava and lychee. Each sip is a refreshing symphony of flavors, with juicy notes of white guava dancing alongside the exotic essence of lychee. Perfectly balanced and endlessly satisfying, Splash:White is a delicious adventure for your palate.

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Dive into the tantalizing world of Splash:White, an exceptional fruited Gose from the inventive minds at Funky Fluid in Poland. This extraordinary brew marries the tartness of a classic Gose with the luscious sweetness of white guava and lychee, delivering a flavor experience that is both refreshing and indulgent.

As you crack open a can of Splash:White, you’re greeted by a tantalizing aroma that hints at the juicy delights within. The effervescence of this beer is complemented by the succulent notes of white guava and lychee, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate with each sip.

Crafted with precision and passion, Splash:White is a testament to Funky Fluid’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of craft beer innovation. With its perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, this brew is a true delight for the senses, offering a unique drinking experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Whether enjoyed on a warm summer day or savored as a sophisticated accompaniment to a gourmet meal, Splash:White is the perfect choice for those seeking a beer that defies convention. Join us in raising a glass to creativity, craftsmanship, and the boundless joy of exceptional beer.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and treat your senses to the exquisite taste of Splash:White. With its blend of fruity goodness and traditional brewing excellence, this brew is sure to captivate the hearts of beer enthusiasts everywhere.

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Funky Fluid Spash White
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