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Indomitable, an Oatmeal IPA of 7% ABV in collaboration with the nomadic Extremaduran Invisible Brewery. A delicious medium-bodied beer made with barley malt, oat flakes (which bring that silky texture to the beer) and Simcoe, Cashmere and Nelson Sauvin hops

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Golden Promise Brewing

Golden Promise Brewing was born in Queens, New York, at the height of the American craft beer scene, from where we decided to move to our hometown Zaragoza to start and develop this project.

The maelstrom and the hectic pace of the city that never sleeps lead those who have lived in it to look for something to help them slow down, stop time and enjoy the little moments. Our beer arises with the mission of creating those moments and what better place to achieve it than the country where enjoying life is an art.

Golden Promise Brewing is the promise we made to ourselves to do better. A commitment that we fulfill in each of our beers.

As nomadic brewers we have the possibility to go wherever we want and choose the best factories and ingredients to make our recipes.

This also allows us to continue improving and thus achieve ever higher levels of excellence, something we achieve through collaborations with the best brewmasters.

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