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La Peral Azul

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Made form pasteurized cow’s milk.

The paste is pale yellow in colour and has the classic bluish-green streaks of Penicillium. Soft, sticky, light greyish-brown rind.

Somewhat acidic and salty flavour, with a spicy aftertaste that becomes persistent, but not offensive, accompanied by aromas of highly evolved butter, mushrooms, and grass.
Medium-high salt point.

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La Peral cheese is not a traditional Asturian cheese, but rather what we can call a modern cheese, as it appeared in 1923 thanks to the initiative of Antonio León Álvarez, taking the French Roquefort cheese as an example. However, it has earned a place not only among the most popular cheeses in Asturias, but also in Spain.

The cheese is called La Peral, since it is made in the town of “San Jorge de la Peral” which bears the same name, in the council of Illas (Asturias).

Despite its modernity, since its inception, La Peral cheese has been based on the region’s traditional way of making cheese, using a manufacturing method that has been preserved to this day by the family of its creator, León Álvarez, who has maintained his legacy. Not giving up new technologies, but with some traditional production guidelines, this family meets the growing demand for this type of cheese, with a great reputation both inside and outside Asturias.

La Peral cheese is classified among the best known Asturian cheeses, along with Cabrales, Gamonéu or Casín. “La Peral” is matured for at least 30 days, although it can take up to four months.

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