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Malas Compañías

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A juicy New England IPA with a lush blend of tropical and stone fruit notes, featuring pineapple and mango. Perfectly balanced at 6% ABV.

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Dive into the vibrant world of “Malas Compañías,” a standout New England IPA crafted by the renowned Pyrene Brewing Co. This beer is a treasure trove of fruity flavors, boasting a delightful 6% ABV that ensures a perfect balance between strength and drinkability. With a hop profile that includes some of the most sought-after varieties, “Malas Compañías” delivers an explosion of tropical and stone fruit aromas, with pineapple and mango leading the charge. Its hazy appearance is not just a visual treat but a promise of the rich, juicy experience that awaits with every sip. Brewed with passion and precision, this IPA is a testament to Pyrene Brewing Co.’s commitment to quality and innovation in the craft beer scene.

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