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Oso Flaco

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Oso Flaco, crafted by Malandar Brewing, is a West Coast Pilsner that stands out in the world of craft beers with its distinctive blend of styles. This beer combines the crisp, clean qualities of a traditional pilsner with the bold, hop-forward characteristics of West Coast ales, delivering a uniquely refreshing experience. Expect a beer that is bright and clear in appearance, with a hoppy aroma that hints at citrus and pine, complemented by a balanced malt backbone. Oso Flaco offers a crisp finish, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the artful blend of pilsner refreshment and hoppy bitterness.

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Oso Flaco by Malandar Brewing is an exceptional West Coast Pilsner, showcasing the brewery’s ability to innovate within traditional beer categories. Brewed in the sunny region of Andalusia, Spain, this beer is a testament to Malandar Brewing’s commitment to quality and experimentation. The West Coast Pilsner style is renowned for its clear, crisp taste, and Oso Flaco elevates this with a hop profile typical of West Coast ales, featuring notes of citrus, pine, and herbal bitterness. The beer’s foundation is built on a clean malt flavor that perfectly balances the hoppy bite, creating a refreshing yet complex beer. Malandar Brewing, situated in Rota, is well-regarded for its diverse beer portfolio, and Oso Flaco is a shining example of its prowess in blending beer styles to create something both familiar and new.

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Oso Flaco
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