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Pecorino Al Peperoncino

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Made with pasteurized sheep’s milk. The paste has a grainy texture. The smell is delicate but persistent. We will find bits of chilli pepper inside that give its flavor more strength. It has 3 months of maturation.

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Pecorino Peperoncino is a cheese from Italy and is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. Its paste has a slightly grainy texture and its smell is delicate but persistent. The most peculiar characteristic are the bits of chilli pepper that we can find inside and that give its flavor more strength. The first moment in the mouth is sweet and soft, but soon the chili is noticeable with its spicy flavor.
It is a cheese whose maturation lasts for three months. It is a classic cheese of Italian gastronomy.

Due to its solid and slightly spicy flavor, many recipes use this cheese accompanied by honey or sweet jam. It is also a cheese widely used to accompany salads and on other occasions to grate on other dishes such as all kinds of pasta.

A small piece of cheese sprinkled with chilli flakes all over it. Serve with a salad drizzled with spicy Tuscan olive oil or grate pasta.

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