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Punto Geodesico

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Vintage: 2018

Grapes: Tempranillo

ABV %: 14.5

Colour Intense cherry red color, vivid, with a high layer.

Nose Complex aromas where red fruit predominates, spicy, smoky and toasted notes of the wood.

Mouth Expressive, good attack, with freshness and power. Tannin present, round, and of great persistence

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The Trus Punto Geodesico, a remarkable red wine from the prestigious Ribera del Duero region, encapsulates the essence of unique terroir through its meticulous production process and the exceptional quality of its grapes. This wine is a testament to the innovative spirit and commitment to excellence that Bodegas Trus is renowned for.

Crafted from 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo), the Trus Punto Geodesicosources its grapes from vineyards positioned at geodesic points across the Ribera Burgalesa, including La Aguilera, Baños de Valdearados, Peñaranda, and Moradillo de Roa. These sites offer a diverse catalog of soil compositions, ranging from the calcareous soils of Baños to the gravelly terrains of Moradillo and the whitish sands of Peñaranda, contributing to the wine’s complex and nuanced profile​​​​.

The aging process plays a crucial role in the development of Trus Punto Geodésico’s character. It spends 12 months maturing in both 225-liter and 500-liter barrels, utilizing a mix of French and American oak. This careful aging not only integrates the oak’s sophisticated flavors with the natural fruitiness of the Tempranillo grapes but also enhances the wine’s structural complexity, ensuring a balance between potency and elegance. The result is a wine with a profound mineral essence, verticality, good acidity, and polished tannins that come together to create a polished, precise finish​​.

At 14.5% alcohol by volume and with a subtle residual sugar content of 1-2 g/L, Trus Punto Geodesicois a full-bodied wine that captures the intensity and richness of its old vines, aged between 25 to 60 years. Its depth and complexity make it an excellent companion to a wide range of dishes, offering a tasting experience that is both complex and full of nuances​​.

Trus Punto Geodésico stands as a reflection of Ribera del Duero’s winemaking heritage, showcasing the skillful blend of traditional techniques with modern innovation. It invites wine enthusiasts to explore the depth and diversity of Spain’s viticultural landscape, making it a must-have for those seeking to experience the pinnacle of Spanish winemaking.

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Punto Geodesico
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