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Tarima Hill

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Vintage: 2019

Grapes: Monastrell

ABV %: 15

Ruby cherry color.
Aromas of ripe fruit, black raspberries, blueberries, spices, balsamic notes, as well as floral notes.
Tasty, balanced and full-bodied. Long finish.

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Tarima Hill, Monastrell: A Testament to the Richness of Alicante’s Terroir

Dive into the essence of Alicante’s winemaking tradition with Tarima Hill, Monastrell, a flagship offering from the renowned Bodegas Volver. This exquisite wine showcases the mastery and innovative spirit of a winery deeply rooted in the traditions of Spanish viticulture, yet forward-thinking in its approach. Tarima Hill is a celebration of the Monastrell grape, also known internationally as Mourvèdre, which finds a particularly expressive and vibrant identity in the sun-drenched, limestone-laden soils of Alicante.

Bodegas Volver, under the guidance of celebrated winemakers, harnesses the potential of old-vine Monastrell planted at high altitudes to craft this exceptional wine. These ancient vines, some over 40 years old, yield fruit of concentrated flavor and depth, embodying the soul of the region’s unique terroir. Tarima Hill’s grapes are meticulously handpicked, reflecting the winery’s commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that each bottle captures the essence of its origin.

The winemaking process for Tarima Hill is characterized by a blend of tradition and innovation. The Monastrell grapes undergo fermentation in state-of-the-art facilities, followed by aging in French oak barrels. This careful aging process enriches the wine with a complexity and smoothness that perfectly complements the varietal’s natural vigor.

Upon tasting, Tarima Hill reveals a profound depth of flavors. The palate is greeted with a rich tapestry of dark fruits, including black cherries, plums, and blackberries, layered with nuances of spices, chocolate, and a hint of leather, all harmoniously balanced with a subtle minerality and a velvety texture. The aging in oak lends the wine notes of vanilla and toast, adding to its elegance and roundness. The finish is long and satisfying, with a lingering taste that invites further exploration.

Visually, Tarima Hill presents an intense, deep ruby color, indicative of its structure and depth. The nose is captivated by a bouquet of ripe fruit, floral hints, and the warm, spicy undertones that are a signature of the Monastrell varietal.

Tarima Hill is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its robust character makes it an excellent companion to grilled meats, hearty stews, and mature cheeses, offering a delightful contrast to rich and savory flavors. It also stands splendidly on its own, a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage of Bodegas Volver.

Embark on a journey with Tarima Hill, Monastrell, and experience the embodiment of Alicante’s winemaking excellence. This wine is not just a beverage but a celebration of the land, the vine, and the artistry that Bodegas Volver brings to the world of wine. Add Tarima Hill to your collection and savor the rich, nuanced flavors of one of Spain’s most cherished varietals.

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Tarima Hill
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