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Capibara by Gross is a refreshingly hoppy Session New England IPA, celebrated for its vibrant citrus and floral notes. Crafted in Spain, this brew combines a light, easy-drinking body with the aromatic complexity of a classic NEIPA, making it an ideal choice for those seeking flavor without the heaviness.


Originating from the vibrant craft scene of San Sebastián, Spain, Gross’s Capibara stands as a testament to the brewery’s dedication to quality and innovation. This Session New England IPA is meticulously brewed to offer a balanced sessionable experience, with a focus on delivering the punchy hop flavors of a New England IPA at a lower alcohol volume. It embodies a perfect harmony of soft water, German malts, and a blend of hops that provide a burst of citrus and pine, all while maintaining a smooth and accessible profile.

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Gross Capibara
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