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Accidental Vortex

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Accidental Vortex, a West Coast Pilsner from Garage Beer Co, is a standout creation in the realm of craft beers. This pilsner skillfully blends the crispness of a German Pils with the hop intensity of West Coast styles, spotlighting Centennial, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. These hops impart bold grapefruit, tangerine, and pine notes, balanced with a soft water profile and high-quality German malt. The result is a hop-forward, easy-drinking beer with a complex aromatic profile and a light body, designed for those who crave a hop kick without the high ABV typically associated with IPAs​

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Garage Beer Co’s Accidental Vortex is a testament to the brewery’s innovative spirit, marking it as their second venture into the West Coast Pilsner category. Brewed in Barcelona, Spain, this beer is a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity, aiming to offer an easy-drinking yet hop-centric experience. The selection of Centennial, Amarillo, and Cascade hops, key players in the American IPA revolution, ensures a beer rich in citrus and pine aromatics. This brewing approach, while adhering to the principles of German Pilsners in terms of water softness, malt selection, and cold fermentation, diverges in its generous use of West Coast style hops. Accidental Vortex is perfect for beer enthusiasts seeking a refreshing pilsner with a robust hop character and moderate alcohol content​ (Garage Beer Co)​​ (Untappd)​.

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We started as a brewpub in 2015 in the Eixample neighbourhood of Barcelona. In 2017 we opened our main brewery where most of our beers are brewed, though we still use the brewpub for our mixed fermentation beers. You can find us every day at Consell de Cent 261, Barcelona, where we'll receive you with open arms and fresh beers!

Accidental Vortex
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