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Dr Hazy 3

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Dr Hazy 3: An eccentric IPA by Piwne Podziemie, Poland. Experience intense fruity flavors with hints of cedar wood in this cloudy brew.

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“Dr Hazy 3” by Piwne Podziemie in Poland is the third installment in a series of experimental IPAs. This eccentric brew features a fusion of creativity and science, as White Labs WLP077 Tropicale Yeast Blend meets live hop cones in a bold IPA experiment. Infused with a captivating blend of Polish Książęce hops and American Sabro, Dr. Hazy #3 boasts an intense aroma and taste. Cloudy and juicy, this IPA offers a well-balanced mix of orange and yellow fruits, complemented by hints of cedar wood and a creamy finish.

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Piene Podziemie

Dr Hazy 3
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